Appointments- a quick guide

Same day access

Doors and phone lines open at 8am and you can either:

1)       Turn up at the practice and request an appointment. You can then either wait in the waiting room or come back at your allocated time, depending on the wait and your preference.

2)      Contact the practice on 0151 330 8200 and book an appointment for the day.

We try to keep an even spread of appointments through the day, meaning they shouldn’t all suddenly get booked up first thing in the morning, however there may come a point in the day when we cannot put any further patients on the list other than those in exceptional circumstances.

Due to the nature of the same day appointments there is no specific choice of clinician. The receptionist will ask you to give/write a brief description of the problem so that you are seen appropriately.  Please be aware that minor ailments will be booked with a Nurse Clinician.

Pre-booked appointments

To ensure continuity of care, and give the option of a specific pre-booked time and date, you can book ahead with individual clinicians. This can be done at reception, over the phone, or on-line. The wait for a pre-booked appointment may be over a week. It is essential that you arrive on time.  If you fail to attend without a good reason on multiple occasions this service will be withdrawn.

Telephone Consultation

Ring us and leave a contact number. One of our clinicians will call back. There are many problems we can deal with over the phone, especially if no examination is required and the problem is not too complex. A prescription can be provided if necessary

Long term Conditions Clinics

These clinics are for patients who have an illness that requires lifelong treatment e.g. raised blood pressure diabetes, asthma, heart disease etc. If you have one of these conditions you may be asked to attend these clincs.

Extended Hours

All GP Practices are contracted to be open between 8.00 am and 6.30 pm during weekdays (excluding bank holidays). You are unable to contact the practice by telephone after 6.30 pm but will be direct to Urgent Care 24.

Lateness policy

If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, you may need to re-book.  This is to ensure that other patients are not delayed, and because most problems cannot be adequately managed in anything less than the already restricted consultation time.

Practice closures

The practice closes for staff training from 1pm on the fourth Wednesday of the month.  During those times, any calls to us will be redirected to Urgent Care 24.