Most people with diabetes learn how to manage their diabetes very successfully.  Our long term condition nurses and doctors are available to help support you, in learning how to manage and monitor your diabetes control and health.

Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, as your lifestyle and activities change, the way in which you manage and treat your diabetes often needs to change too.  Even seemingly minor illnesses such as getting a bad cold, or diarrhoea and vomiting’ bug’ can affect your diabetes control.  So also can normal life events, such as starting a new job which is more or less active than the old one, moving away from home to university,  or training for a big sports event.

You will be called in for regular reviews in the ‘Long Term Condition’ clinics here at the practice, butt is important that if you notice that your diabetes is not controlled as well as it was, or you are concerned about any aspect of your diabetes, you speak with one of our doctors or nurses and get advice.  This can be done via a telephone consultation, or by making an appointment, both of which are accessed via reception.

Diabetes Nurse Consultant

Brownlow Health employs a Diabetes Nurse Consultant, Peta Navein, to provide more specialist support for people with diabetes when their management needs become slightly more complex, for example if you need to start insulin, or change your insulin therapy.

This level of specialist nursing support has previously only been available in hospital diabetes clinics.  By bringing this expertise into the practice, we hope to make access to this type of support easier for our patients and prevent their need to attend a hospital clinic, when this is appropriate.

The nurse consultant clinics are held on Tuesdays and rotate between three of our practice sites: Brownlow Group Practice; Student Health Centre and Ropewalks Surgery.  Our long term conditions nurses and doctors will arrange for you to attend this service, if you need this additional support.

Students with diabetes

For information about support for student with diabetes, including access to the Diabetes Nurse Consultant, click here.


We have put together a list of useful leaflets for people with diabetes, which can be found here.