Smoking cessation

Smoking cessation services are now provided by Smokefree Liverpool

The service offers free advice and support to those wanting to stop smoking by providing a range of services that meet their needs.

Smokefree Liverpool which replaces the Roy Castle FagEnds service offers:

  •   Face-Face support from friendly and experienced advisors
  •   Choice of Drop in, Group or One-One support
  •   Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy vouchers for those exempt fro mprescriptions
  •   Access to the Wellness on Wheels vehicle which will be in neighbourhoods around the city
  •   Help and support over the phone or via text message at a time that suits the individual
  •   Contact through our Facebook and Twitter pages
  •   Help from a selected number of local pharmacies for free confidential and convenient advice
  •   Specialist support for women and their families at any time during their pregnancy
  •   Help and support available for quitting e-cigarettes.Referrals can be received by healthcare professionals, partners and from residents of Liverpool directly by:
  •   Telephone: 0800 061 4212 / 0151 375 2535
  •   Text: QUIT 66777
  •   Online:
  •   EFax:+441512102620
There is a local phone line problem, so patients are currently unable to call us. If you have an urgent problem, that needs to be dealt with today, please present to reception. We will keep you updated. Apologies for any inconvenience.