Do I need an appointment?

There are many options available to you apart from seeing the GP.  However, accessing the right advice and care is not always straight forward, so here are some suggestions designed to help:

Talk to friends and family.

There is often a wealth of information and experience out there. Self-care is a very valid form of health care particularly in the early stages of any health problems. Many illnesses will settle on their own over a few days and making a diagnosis in the early stages of an illness is often not possible.

Speak to your local pharmacist.

Your local pharmacist will offer consultations and provide advice and treatment for a range of minor illnesses. You can even get ‘prescriptions’ for certain conditions with the Care at the Chemist scheme. They are also trained to recognise the warning signs of more serious illness and will be able to suggest you see your doctor.

Walk in Centres.

These are usually nurse led services provided by the local health provider. Their opening times vary between 7am and 10pm and some, but not all, have x-ray facilities on site. The local services are Old Swan Walk-in Centre 0151 285 3565, Great Charlotte Street Walk-in Centre 0151 285 3535, Garston Walk-in Centre 0151 295 9010 Everton Road Walk-in Centre 0151 300 8232 and the Children’s Walk-in Centre, 0151 733 4644.

Accident and Emergency Departments.

These are best avoided unless you believe you have a serious illness which needs urgent treatment in hospital or have had an accident which will require stitching/ X-Rays. If you are unsure ring the Practice.

Ask the GP Practice for help.

In modern general practice there are many other people who work there apart from doctors.  Our website has information on the different services available in the practice, but if you are a uncertain then speaking to the receptionist can be helpful.